Atlet Forklift Batteries


Below are some key features of the Atlet forklift battery that make it stand out in the market:

It has a flat plate casing, which protects it from any physical damage and makes it easy to carry

  • It is tubular
  • Requires low maintenance cost 
  • Comes in different voltage; 80v, 48V,36V,24V, and 12v

We have a wide collection of Atlet forklift batteries you can order. Contact us now, and we will provide an ultimate option for a durable battery at a reduced price.

Atlet Forklift Battery

Atlet Forklift Battery

The Ultimate Battery Solution


With Industrial Batteries Accessories Ltd, we are committed to offering you the best forklift batteries you can get in the market. We source them from the leading manufacturers and avail them to your doorstep at a reasonable price. We understand the importance of a reliable power supply in your business. Therefore, we provide you a full line of chargers, battery handling systems, and Atlet forklift batteries that will keep your business on track.

Our batteries provide more than just a power supply. Apart from their affordability, they are cost-effective and ensure more runs per shift. The Atlet forklift battery lasts longer and provides maximum performance. We will ensure your automobile and forklift has the best battery to sustain for the longest time while improving its productivity. For every forklift battery we provide, we issue our customer product support and explicit warranties. We have a transparent quality policy, which ensures we only offer our customers the best products in the market.

Atlet Forklift Battery

Forklift Battery Charger Repairs

We provide our customers with reliable battery repair services for all forklift models, including Atlet forklift battery. Hiring the right people to repair your Atlet forklift battery improves its productivity, extends its lifespan, and improves forklift’s running hours. It also reduces unnoticed damages to an automobile. You can also save some bucks on regular contact and motor replacement.

As a way of reducing inconveniency, our company provides mobile battery repair services. We can fix your Atlet forklift battery in the comfort of your plant. Our technicians have met the OSHA guidelines in services provision, which makes them suitable for any battery and charger repair.

Our technicians will repair and install any Atlet forklift battery appropriately without causing any collateral damages to clients’ property. Also, we provide battery rentals and round the clock emergency repair services for all customers.

Atlet Forklift Battery

What happens during battery reconditioning?

It is advisable to have your forklift battery reconditioned at the right time to prevent the secondary damages on the electrical components. Here’s what happens during the reconditioning:

  • Removal of  all the rust and corrosion on the battery
  • Equalization of the charge on the battery
  • Balancing of the gravity
  • Taking the battery through a six-hour discharge test
  • Identification, repair, and replacement of spoilt cells
  • De-sulfation
  • Removal of worn-out covers and jars
  • Connector and cable replacement 
  • Painting and cleaning the battery 

Atlet Forklift Battery

We wash and clean all forklift batteries

Cleaning your forklift battery is essential to increasing its life span and preventing corrosion on the cells. At Industrial Batteries Accessories Ltd, we will clean your battery and sell you a modern battery washing equipment at a reduced price. Contact us now for a quote on battery washing services.

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