Heli Forklift Batteries

It has the following specifications, which makes it unique from other batteries in our extensive collection.

  • Battery voltage: 80v, 48v, 36v, 24v, 12v
  • Model types: low maintenance, flat plate, and tubular

We avail over 100 types of Heli Forklift Batteries for our customers. Whether you are looking for forklift batteries for Heli AGV, Heli Walkie, or Heli Reach, you can contact us now for a quote on your favorite model. Our sales representatives are available round the clock to help you in selecting the right forklift battery based on your specifications.

Heli Forklift Battery

Heli Forklift Battery

Reliable Solutions for all Forklift Batteries

We provide ideal forklift batteries that can power any forklift used in a busy warehouse or industrial environment. We have a full range of forklift batteries, handling systems, and chargers. All forklift batteries in our store come with an explicit warranty to give you peace of mind whenever you shop with us. We also provide comprehensive product support to all customers.

If you are looking for Heli Forklift Battery repair, fitting, and installation services, then we are the right company to contact. We have employed qualified technicians that will service any forklift battery model to the best of their knowledge. Our products and services are affordable, even on a fixed budget. Buy our forklift batteries to enjoy low maintenance costs, sustained performance, and more runs per shift.

Heli Forklift Battery

Repair Services for Forklift Charger and Battery

Repairing your forklift battery at the right time has many benefits. You can improve the battery running hours, safety, extend battery life, and increase its overall productivity in the business. At Industrial Batteries Accessories Ltd, we have the right technicians to handle any forklift battery and charger repair services at a reduced fee. We observe the strict OSHA guidelines in our service delivery.

We provide infield and in-shop repair service to save you the downtime. Our quality assurance policy limits us to offering value for every coin you spend on our service. Contact us now for emergency forklift battery repair right in your plant.

Heli Forklift Battery

Reconditioning of Forklift Batteries

No other company reconditions forklift batteries as we do. We understand the importance of having a reliable battery for your forklift. Therefore, we provide a professional reconditioning service, which entails the following:

  • De-sulfation
  • Application of equalizing charge
  • Specific gravity adjustment
  • Cleaning and painting
  • Replacing connectors, covers, broken jars, and defective cells
  • Repairing leaking jars and lids

Heli Forklift Battery

Battery Washing and Cleaning Services

We provide on-site cleaning and washing services for all models of forklift batteries. Our cleaning services remove all the environmental concerns and increase the safety of your battery. If you are looking forward to preventing corrosion and voltage leaks on your battery, you can reach out for our battery cleaning services. We also offer battery-washing equipment at a reasonable price.

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