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If you want to get exceptional performance and optimal results, ensure you choose quality batteries that are designed to last and take time to perform routine maintenance. We have chargers that are perfectly suited for your batteries saving you time and money and also extending the lifespan of the miner cap lamp. We have chargers that utilize real-time charge controls to ensure the batteries are always running seamlessly. If you are looking for a long-lasting and high-quality charge, trust us to recommend the best products.


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If you need an independent review of the state of your battery assets, Industrial Batteries Accessories Ltd, has experts to provide this service. We will provide you with all the information you need to plan your capital and maintenance costs in the coming years. Our unbiased service together with sound maintenance advice allows you to better utilize your battery assets.

Our forklift batteries are selected from the best manufacturers around the globe. We can provide an endless variety of equipment for sale whether you need a complete set for your fleet of forklift trucks or just a replacement battery for your equipment. Once you’ve placed an order, expect to receive your battery in good time. No waiting around and having to experience disruptions in your day to day operations when you’ve already ordered for new industrial batteries. Our experts are just a call away.

Having worked in the industrial battery sector for many years, we understand how proper maintenance and repairs of your equipment work. That’s why our company has set out to give customers solutions with our competitively priced service packages. Whether you want us to replace your entire fleet of forklift batteries or just a single charger, we’re sure to help you with your diverse requirements.

When you’re experiencing problems with your forklift battery, we know how it can negatively impact your operations. We understand the urgency of getting the necessary forklift repairs immediately that’s why we offer an easy solution allowing you to book a technician online. We’ll visit your site to service and repair the equipment and ensure everything is up and running before we leave.

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With a proven track record of exceptional customer support, we have the right miner cap lamps batteries to suit your needs. Let us help you save money and time by choosing the best batteries and accessories in the market. We’ll use all our skill and knowledge in the industry to make sure your workers are always ready to go.


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