Raymond Forklift Batteries

Raymond forklift battery is one of the most featured products on our shelves because of its unique specifications.

Here are some key features of the Raymond forklift battery that make it stand out in the market:

  • Has a flat plate casing that protects it from physical damage
  • Tubular
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Come in different voltages : 80v, 48v, 36v, 24v, and 12v

We have over 150 Raymond forklift battery models that you can choose from in our store. Contact us to have your favorite Raymond equipment delivered to your doorstep in the shortest time possible.

Raymond Forklift Battery

Raymond Forklift Battery

The Ideal Solution for all Automobile Batteries

Any industrial or warehouse environment requires a standby automobile battery to keep the business moving all day. At Industrial Batteries Accessories Ltd, we are committed to offering our customers high-quality forklift and automobile batteries at a budget-friendly price. We provide an extensive collection of battery handling systems, forklift batteries, and battery chargers.

All our batteries provide maximum performance, longevity, and more runs per shift. With Raymond forklift batteries at your disposal, you can reduce your annual maintenance cost significantly. As a way of ensuring continuity in business, we fit and fix automobile batteries to a pallet, heavy-duty, and narrow truck. We install genuine automobile batteries to boost the performance of your automobile. Also, we provide explicit warranties and comprehensive product support to all customers.

Raymond Forklift Battery

Battery and Charger Repair Services

Industrial Batteries Accessories Ltd has all it takes to repair and install any model of a forklift battery. We have employed professional technicians who visit your plant to fit and install any model of forklift battery based on the OSHA guidelines.

Repairing your forklift battery can extend the battery life, improve safety, increase productivity, prevent damages to the forklift, and reduce motor and contact replacement. We provide all repair and installation services in your plant, reducing the downtime. We also rent chargers and batteries at a reduced price. Contact us now for 24/7 emergency repair and installation services.

Raymond Forklift Battery

Forklift Battery Reconditioning

Timely reconditioning and repair of the forklift battery can save you a lot. It can reduce the damage to the electrical components of the forklift and drive the motor. We provide battery-reconditioning services to our customers. Our reconditioning services include:

  • Removal of sulphation
  • Replacing cables and connectors
  • Discharge test (for six hours)
  • Removing the corrosion on battery sells
  • Repair of spoilt cells
  • Cleaning and painting

Raymond Forklift Battery

Battery Cleaning and Washing Services

Cleaning batteries can extend their lifespan and reduce maintenance costs significantly. At Industrial Batteries Accessories Ltd, we provide on-site battery cleaning and washing services at a reasonable price. We also sell washing equipment to our customers. Contact us now to have your forklift battery cleaned by the experts and reduce the corrosion and voltage leaks on your battery.

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